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Run Like a Kenyan…In Kenya 2015 Information Session

What: Join Kenyan born running coach, Cory Nyamora and his family for an information session for a 2015 Kenyan running adventure. You will train in the US (or your home country) and travel to Kenya for an international marathon and half marathon and then relax on a guided sightseeing tour of Kenya! More information is at

When and Where: Saturday August 23rd, 2014- 2 -3 p.m. at Endurance-A Sports and Psychology Center, Inc. 2000 Hearst Ave. 3rd Floor conference room, Berkeley, CA. 94709 or you can join us on Skype if you aren’t local. Email for details.

Who: We have something for everyone from beginners, to advanced runners and spectators. The race is only one day of the trip so non-runners are very welcome!

RSVP: Email  or call 510-981-1471 to reserve your spot.


Run in Kenya 2014: Our New Kenyan Runners are back!

Our New Kenyan Runners are back!We are back from a wonderfully successful trip to Kenya and are so excited to share our photos and stories with you. This trip was full of adventures in Nairobi (the capital of Kenya) as well as  Iten, the running capital, the beautiful relaxing coastal town of Mombasa and the marathon at the Lewa Game Reserve. Some of our travelers also visited Naivasha and Limuru.

Run Like a Kenyan…in Kenya!

Sunday June 22 – Saturday July 5, 2014 

Join us for a Kenyan adventure – train in the US and travel to Kenya for an international half marathon and then relax on a guided sightseeing tour of Kenya!

Kenyans run just like you – one step at a time – see for yourself!

Have you dreamt of running a marathon or half marathon in Kenya?

Do you enjoy meeting and talking to local people and learning what it’s actually like to live in another country?

Do you want to step off the tour bus for a more authentic travel experience?

Lewa Marathon

This trip to Kenya is special:


  • Before you leave you can train with our Kimbia - Half Marathon training program.
  • You will be greeted on arrival by family – not tour guides.
  • You can live with Kenyan families, eat fresh vegetables from their organic gardens.
  • You will run a Half Marathon or Marathon in a game reserve with Kenyan and international runners while helping support wildlife and habitat conservation and community development.
  • You will dance to local music and be entertained by real people.
  • You will have structured tours and free time to explore
  • At the end of the trip, you are free to stay longer.
  • You will have real fun in the bustling city of Nairobi, in the nearby National parks, and the luxurious white sands of the Indian Ocean


Be ready to cry on the last day before departing to come back home. 

Book your place in this very exciting tour. Our space is limited so please reserve your spot as soon as possible. There is a $1000 deposit.

Tentative Itinerary

Before you leave: You can train with our Kimbia - Half-marathon training program. Dr. Nyamora will help you formulate personalized goals and help you build up your endurance no matter what your current fitness level.

We will also provide an orientation to Kenya including a brief political history, a few key Swahili phrases, and other important tips on making the most out of your adventure. You may also wish to read books & articles or watch films from our list of recommended resources.

While you’re there: You will stay with a Kenyan family and enjoy home-cooked meals (or contact us if you'd prefer another accomodation option). We will spend several days getting acclimated and recovering from jet lag, while also doing some light tours of Nairobi. You will run the marathon in a beautiful game reserve, spend a day recovering, and then travel to Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast for a few days of luxury relaxation at one of our favorite resort hotels. You’ll return to Nairobi for one more day before flying back home.

When you return: We will meet one more time to share photos and celebrate our adventure. You’ll already be looking forward to your next trip!

14-day trip

All tours are optional. There are several options on most days and you are welcome to join us for some or all options or take time to explore (or rest) on your own.

Day 1 -Arrive

  • Arrive at Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and be transported to your lodging to relax and enjoy a dinner with family.

Day 2 – Visit and Adjust

  • Short training run
  • Visit the Nairobi National Museum – See the newly renovated museum with exhibits dedicated to Kenya’s political history, natural history, and rich artistic history


  • Dinner with family

Day 3 – Visit and Adjust

  • Short training run
  • Tour around Nairobi town and learn to navigate transportation services.
  • Go-Down Arts Center – This exciting compound is the home of multi-media artists and classes – visit artists in their studios, see film classes, and you might even catch the acrobatic group or hear a musician rehearsing!

  • GALCK – the Gay & Lesbian Coalition of Kenya – Hear about the ups and downs of life as an LGBT African
  • Carnivore – Eat at this world-famous restaurant featuring nyama choma (roasted meat) cuisine. Sample traditional favorites and a few unexpected ones! If you like to eat, make sure you are very hungry.

Day 4 - Visit Cultural Centers

  • Short training run
  • Kazuri Beads Factory – Visit this world-famous bead factory and learn about how this work benefits single mothers and their families. Shop – or just admire these “beautiful little objects” (the translation of the Swahili word Kazuri)
  • Bomas of Kenya- Traditional dancers from the many different cultural groups in Kenya
  • Dinner out alone or with family

Day 5 – Visit Nairobi National Park

  • A visit to the Nairobi National Park, which tourists from all over the world love. It's the only protected area in the world close to a capital city. 

Day 6 – Travel to Marathon Location

  • You will enjoy the countryside scenery and then rest and relax for the big run tomorrow. 

Day 7 – Tutakimbia! (meaning we will run)

  • Half-Marathon/Marathon – Run, walk and finish. We return to Nairobi for the night with family.

Day 8 - Recuperate

  • Visit some of the neighborhoods in Nairobi, and participate in a favorite activity of most Kenyans – a trip to the mall!
  • Maasai Market – Visit this open-air market and negotiate the price for souvenirs and traditional handcrafted items.

Day 9 – Travel to the coast

  • Travel to Mombasa or Kilifi (optional bus or air travel). If you choose to travel by bus you will see more of the Kenyan Landscape and maybe a few wild animals.

Day 10 – Enjoy the luxury of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast

  • Relax in Mombasa or Kilifi at a premier resort – Enjoy the beach, book a glass-bottom boat or snorkeling tour

Day 11 – Enjoy Mombasa or Kilifi!

  • Enjoy Mombasa’s (or Kilifi’s) beaches, or take part in an optional tour to the Kaya Kinondo sacred forest
  • Enjoy Mombasa’s beaches, or take part in an optional tour of this historic city

Day 12 – Enjoy Mombasa and return to Nairobi!

  • Enjoy Mombasa’s beaches, or take part in an optional tour of this historic city
  • Return to Nairobi


Day 13 – Fit in your last day of tours or relaxation in Nairobi

  • Giraffe Center –Learn about Kenya’s wildlife and get to experience what a giraffe tongue feels like!

  • Kuona Arts Trust – Tour the studios of several contemporary visual artists at work

  • Dinner out alone or with family

Day 14 - Depart

  • Fly back - The worst day has come and we have to fly back home to share our memories with friends and family
  • Book this trip now – experience greater fitness, greater adventure, and the chance of a lifetime to Run Like a Kenyan…in Kenya!



Free information session for Kimbia (Run) Half-Marathon Training

What: An engaging half-marathon training program for adults who want to have fun, get fit and be around a healthy community. After 12 weeks of training you will participate in a California half-marathon!

Join Cory Nyamora for an information session on the half-marathon training program.  He will discuss the training philosophy, program, gear, and how to sign up to join this adventure.

When: Sunday April 15th, 2012 from 2 pm -3 pm

Where: 2000 Hearst Ave. #205, Berkeley, CA. 94709

RSVP: Please RSVP to save a spot. If you are unable to attend the information session but are interested in the program e-mail or call 510-981-1471 for other options though it is highly recommended that you make one of the sessions.

Coach: Dr. Cory Nyamora is a certified USA Triathlon coach, USA Track and Field Coach and licensed Clinical Psychologist. He is the owner and director of Endurance – A Sports and Psychology Center, Inc., a company that provides sports training, outdoor adventure and travel and psychotherapy for children, adults and families. He is committed to helping individuals and families find fun ways to stay fit and active. 
Kimbia means run in Swahili


Visitors at the 2012 Oakland Marathon Expo express interest in running in Kenya in 2013

Endurance-A Sports and Psychology Center at the Oakland Marathon Expo attracts a great deal of interest from potential runners considering signing up for the "Run Like a Kenyan" program that is taking runners to the 2013 race in Kenya.