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Endurance - A Sports and Psychology Center, Inc.

Dr. Cory Nyamora's Endurance – A Sports and Psychology Center, Inc. provides triathlon, running training and psychotherapy for children and families, as well as half-marathon, marathon training and psychotherapy for adults. We have a running tour program that takes runners to Kenya to experience the rich culture and running tradition there. Endurance is located in Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay area, California.

Dr. Nyamora, the Director and owner of the center, is a certified USA Triathlon coach, USA Track and Field Coach and licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Children and Families

Our mission, as a health and wellness center, is to provide programs that help all our clients live active, engaged healthy lives. We provide opportunities for all kids and families to improve their psychological, social and physical health, and are very inclusive of families who are struggling with health issues related to childhood obesity. We are thrilled to be your partner in addressing your health concerns in fun and positive ways. Our kids and families have participated in several California triathlons, as well as multiple mountain bike trips, running trips and swimming events.


 Fit Family Triathlon video

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Endurance Half Marathon program is great, especially for adults, who want to keep fit and healthy. The runners can also take advantage of our Run in Kenya program, which takes participants to Kenya, the home of long distance runners. Our runners have successfully competed at several runs including Oakland, San Jose Marathon, Santa Rosa Marathon and Safaricom Lewa Marathon, Kenya.

San Jose Half Marathon 2011


Visualization – learn and experience the practical skills for effective visualizations for optimal race performance

Introduction to Triathlon  - So you want to do a triathlon and don’t know where to begin? Join us for this four week triathlon class for beginners

Running  – Attend this three-week clinic and learn how to increase your speed and running efficiency.

Becoming a runner - What do you need to become a runner? Basic information for those who want to begin running but feel slightly intimidated or confused

Strength training for runners – Come and learn effective strength training that you can do at home, outside or at the track. Come ready to work out

Mental skills training for endurance athletes – This class focuses on the mental skills needed to get the most out of your athletic endeavors and to compete successfully

Swimming clinics and consultations – Set up a swimming consultation or clinic to address any problems you're having with your swimming or to get tips on speed and technique. You can set up a session for yourself, your family or group. Contact us for more information. 

Instructor/Coach: All classes are led by Dr. Cory Nyamora, a certified USA Triathlon coach, USA Track and Field Coach, Youth Fitness Specialist and licensed Clinical Psychologist. He is the owner and director of Endurance – A Sports and Psychology Center, Inc., a company that provides sports training, outdoor adventures, travel and psychotherapy.

Sign up by emailing or calling Dr. Nyamora at 510-981-1471